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Statement on Immigration Executive Order: Leaders Warn it Will Hurt Low-Income Families

The opinions expressed in this piece are those of the undersigned members of the 2015 class of Ascend Fellows and don’t necessarily represent the views of the Aspen Institute. Ascend Fellows are entrepreneurial leaders with the vision to advance the educational success, economic security, and health and well-being of children and families.   morenext

Transcend Politics: Keep Children and Families at the Center

We opened this week with millions of Americans honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, and we will close the week with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. A dramatically different political, policy and power environment emerges with the incoming Trump Administration, one-party control of Congress, and increased Republican majorities at the state levels.  morenext

Mr. Scruggs Goes to Washington

I recently gave a talk at the LISC National Leadership Conference in Houston, Texas, alongside community development leaders from across the country to inspire, motivate, and energize practitioners in the field–stories about people who are activists, advocates, and ambassadors for positive transformation in their communities. I shared a story about how Mississippi County, Arkansas, Economic Opportunity Commission (MCAEOC), led by a visionary man named Sam Scruggs, increased prosperity for residents committed to creating a brighter future for themselves.  morenext

It’s Time for a Paradigm Shift in Head Start

Last week the Office of Head Start released the much anticipated revision of the Head Start Program Performance Standards (standards). This is the first comprehensive revision of the standards since they were first released in 1975. These revised standards represent an opportunity for a paradigm shift in how Head Start services are designed and implemented for the most vulnerable children and families in this country.   morenext

Expanding the Potential of 2Gen Programs – 3 Ideas for Funders

Top three ideas for funders seeking to bring a 2Gen lens to their work.  morenext

Becoming 2Gen: Ascend Network Partners Respond

Ascend Network Partners have consistently demonstrated that organizations can make much progress towards serving whole families, often simply by working creatively with the resources and relationships that are currently available to them. In this blog series, Network Partners share their stories and the steps they took in becoming more 2Gen.  morenext

Me and My Posse

Leaders running two-generation programs often use cohort models to build upon the resilience of families and provide families with a running start on achieving their goals.  morenext

Keys to Degrees and Two Generations of Success

My journey as a student parent started just over four years ago when I had my daughter, Saffy, in the fall of my senior year of high school.  morenext

Who created International Women’s Day?

Here's a little lesson in women's history for you: While International Women's Day was originally inspired by women garment and needle workers who marched in New York City in the 19th and early 20th century, the woman to suggest that such a day exist was from an entirely different continent.   morenext

Every day is International Women’s Day

Yesterday, we plotted, celebrated, and strategized on the future for women's rights and economic justice. Today, we want to make sure to continue the conversation -- because after all, every day is International Women's Day.  morenext

Drawing out connections across oceans

Too often, conversations about women’s issue that take place stateside are separated into two distinct camps—those that affect people in the United States, and those that affect people in every other country on the planet (as if it were still Pangea!).   morenext

What progress have we actually made? A pie chart experiment

Last night's dynamic panel was swimming around in my head as I fell asleep. Then, I woke up with this pie chart in my head.  morenext

What would a #womenforward syllabus look like?

Tonight at the kick-off for our first Forum on Women and Girls, Melissa Harris-Perry, the consummate professor said: “I believe everything is a curriculum problem.” We thought we’d take her lead and offer a list of great readings to follow up on just a few of the many questions that were raised during our wide-ranging, powerful kick-off panel:  morenext

#WomenForward Kicks Off: Best Quotes and Questions

Tonight, The Aspen Institute kicked off its first-ever Forum on Women and Girls, and what a night. The first panel of the forum, The State of Play: Women’s Rights and Economic Justice, brought a lot of engaging conversation and heat to the room, between discussions about work and choice (or a lack thereof) to questions around how to be a meaningful ally.   morenext

Work It: 2Gen Strategies for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Ascend Network leaders in workforce development, adult education, policy, and philanthropy have considered these questions and came up with the following strategic recommendations for leveraging the WIOA state planning process to achieve the best outcomes for parents and their families.  morenext

My Past, My Present, My Future


An Ascender in Residence’s Reflections on Taking Pause and Re-Igniting One’s Vision

Two-generation, whole family coverage is no longer wishful thinking – it’s right ahead of us if we are forward-thinking and disciplined enough to make it happen.  morenext

Moving from the Margins to Mainstream

In the United States, the pediatric setting is the only universally accessed health system for families and a tremendous opportunity to incorporate two-generation strategies. 96 percent of families take their children to the pediatrician, often multiple times a year for well check visits before the age of two. From employing literacy-based approaches to co-locating parent and child services, innovative thinkers have begun to better integrate two generation approaches into the pediatrician's office and reimagine the well-child visit.   morenext

The State of 2Gen: February 2016 eNews

February 2016 eNews  morenext

Beyond Report Cards


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