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4 Ways to Address Economic and Opportunity Inequality in the US

Read below for a sampling of how some organizations are driving conversations and developing bodies of work to address this crippling issue.  morenext

Q&A: Behavioral Science and 2Gen

Throughout 2015, Ascend is hosting a series of webinars in which we go in-depth with Network Partners and leaders in the field working in specific content areas to build evidence for two-generation solutions.  morenext

Happy Birthday Head Start!

This year marks 50 years since the creation of Head Start, a national commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty by providing at-risk children and their families comprehensive early learning programs. I am a proud Head Start alumnus, and if ever a tale can be told about the meaningful and transformative power of a program designed to give vulnerable children a head start in the race toward the future, my story is it.  morenext

2Gen and ACE: Using the Survey for Whole Family Impact

The National Crittenton Foundation released the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Survey Toolkit. The toolkit comes on the heels of a growing body of research on ACEs, which reveals that traumatic childhood events such as abuse, neglect and household dysfunction can have lifelong implications on health and well-being.  morenext

Re-Tooling Family Well-Being in Colorado

Earlier this year, the Colorado Department of Human Services and the Family Resource Center Association – both Ascend Network Partners – collaborated on a practical guide for organizations that serve low-income families to consider and begin using metrics to support families holistically as they move through a continuum of “well-being.” The Family Well-Being Toolkit evolved through an iterative process, aimed at outcomes-focused practices to help Colorado families thrive.  morenext

Where Great Stories Begin

New article The Elephant in the Clinic examines the multifaceted role of Reach Out and Read in the promotion of early literacy and family well-being, two generations at a time, through primary healthcare.  morenext

What’s In Our Toolbox?

As we all prepare for ThinkXChange 2015, Ascend delivers some critical tools for leaders who want to better understand how 2Gen works.  morenext

The City of Angels Goes 2Gen!

The City of Angels is ready for 2Gen! That was the headline of the May 29 forum organized by Ascend Network Partner Abriendo Puertas and First 5 LA, featuring more than 100 participants from school districts, nonprofits, government agencies, and philanthropic organizations around Los Angeles County.  morenext

Smart Starts for Children and Families

On May 13-14, Ascend at the Aspen Institute convened a diverse circle of leaders for a series of conversations that highlight emerging themes for bold advances in the field of early childhood development. The forum includes insights from historians, experts in early care and education, practitioners, parents, policymakers, and philanthropists from across the nation.  morenext

Ascend’s Salute to Mothers

As Mother’s Day 2015 approaches, Ascend salutes mothers across the country and says ‘thank you’ for all they do for their families. In honor of our own mothers, we recount below some of our earliest memories of school, values, and family.  morenext

Outcomes for Two Generations, Together

Ascend Network partners from around the country gathered to discuss two-generation outcomes.  morenext

Finding Fatherhood: New Hope for Families in Colorado

Documentary by Ascend Fellow, Steve Liss depicts the struggles of Colorado fathers, their former spouses, their children, as well as the caseworkers who are working to provide them with a second chance at fatherhood.  morenext

Recent Poll Underlies the Significance of a Healthy Start in Life

Harvard University, in partnership with NPR and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, recently conducted a poll to garner ideas of how Americans think about their health and the aspects of their lives that shape health and well-being. Ascend's Marissa Mahoney analyses the two-generation implications to the study.  morenext

5 things we’re excited about in impact investing

Impact investments come in many different forms, but seek both social and financial returns. The ImpactDEALS Forum, co-hosted by the Aspen Institute, is part of an ongoing series on market-based solutions. Here are some trends highlighted at the forum.  morenext

Q&A Session following webinar: Toxic! Stress, Health and ACEs


Calling for a two generation approach to child development

Over the years there has been a long standing recognition that child development is influenced by conditions facing families and in turn families are influenced by the community around them. These concepts have recently received renewed attention through a new report released by the World Bank, Stepping Up Early Childhood Development: Investing in Young Children for High Returns.  morenext

Prescription for Success: 2Gen Lessons

Jeanne Jackson, President of the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, shares the lessons and her reflections from their two-generation pilot, Prescription for Success.  morenext

Experiencing ThinkXChange: A Parent Ambassador’s Perspective

When I began my journey as a single parent, I had a fledgling law practice that did not generate consistent income. Living on inconsistent income made our household vulnerable to life’s uncertainties. It also taught me that my children and I must be holistically equipped so that our family unit can persevere in the midst of any emergency or uncertainty that we face. What does being “holistically equipped” look like? It means that we can responsibly manage our limited resources, that we are food and housing secure, mentally and physically healthy, and have at least one safety net. Holistically equipping, to me, involves using two-generation strategies to break the cycle of poverty and economic insecurity within vulnerable families.  morenext

How Impact Investing Can Advance Economic Mobility in America

The Aspen Institute took an in-depth look at the field of impact investing as one tool that could help advance economic mobility for families.  morenext

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