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Webinar: Whole Family Approaches to Address Global Poverty

A whole family approach is built on the premise that conditions that affect the family will have an impact on child development as will the direct experiences of the child. Giving children a strong start in life and creating stability for the family require a focus on the whole, and in particular, on children’s well-being…

Behavioral Economics & 2Gen Partnerships

This webinar begins with an overview of behavioral economics and its underlying principles. It continues with a focus on how organizations can use behavioral science to strengthen partnerships for their 2Gen work. The webinar features: United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Ascend Network Partner Joe Baumann, behavioral economist Marjorie Sims, managing director, Ascend at the Aspen…

2Gen 101 Webinar

Have you heard about the two-generation (2Gen) framework?  Ascend is hosting a series of webinars to provide an overview of the (2Gen) framework that supports children and the adults in their lives together. In the webinars, we will be sharing examples of 2Gen work currently being implemented across the country and highlight opportunities ahead. There will be time…

Webinar: 2Gen in Tribal Communities February 2016

2Gen in Tribal Communities Webinar, February 2016

Webinar: Creating a 2Gen Campus – Innovations in Postsecondary Education

Creating a 2Gen Campus: Innovations in Postsecondary Education