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Reggie Bicha

Reggie Bicha

Executive Director, Colorado Department of Human Services: Denver, CO

Reggie Bicha is the executive director of the Colorado Department of Human Services. He is a social worker, administrator, educator and national leader.  In January 2011, Governor John Hickenlooper appointed Bicha executive director of the Colorado Department of Human Services.  He has extensive experience working on child welfare, education, employment and health issues at the county, state and national levels. 

Mr. Bicha has undertaken a bold initiative to redesign and refocus early childhood services in Colorado.  Through a proposed new Office of Early Childhood, Colorado will integrate early childhood programs currently in four state agencies, improve access for young children and their families, and help more children be prepared for Kindergarten. 

A committed leader to effective government, Mr. Bicha initiated a full review of all department rules.  This action resulted in repeal or revision of 66% of promulgated rules.  Executive Director Bicha was recently awarded the Local/State Partnership Award by Colorado Counties, Inc. for his leadership on reducing administrative burdens and unnecessary mandates to counties and other partners.

Prior to coming to Colorado, Mr. Bicha served as the Inaugural Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.  Under his leadership, Wisconsin increased the safety of child care programs, dramatically reduced fraud in the child care subsidy program and established a quality rating and improvement system to help child care professionals improve.  He also initiated prevention and permanency objectives that reduced the number of children living in foster care by more than 22% in Milwaukee.

Executive Director Bicha obtained a Masters’ degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota, and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He and his wife, Becky, have three children, and have served as foster parents.