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The Bottom Line: Case Studies

Case studies provided an opportunity to go under the hood on deals with the Kresge Foundation, CarePayment, Bank of America, Acelero Learning, and others


Case study: Acelero Learning: For-Profit Head Start Program Pays Off for Children, but Investors Must Wait

Acelero Learning is an example of how a market-based innovation can improve efficiency and performance of early childhood programs. Founded in 2001, Acelero Learning serves 5,000 children by providing support to and operating high-performing Head Start programs in Nevada, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Philadelphia. Acelero’s emphasis on efficient operations, use of data, and high-performance culture attracted private investors and led to a $4 million capital raise.

Economic Assets

Case study: Rebuilding Lives, Reducing Costs: A New Financial Model for Employment versus Incarceration

In New York City,another pay for success modelinvolves helping adults leaving prison find employment. The social impact bond will provide $13.5 million over a 5.5-year investment life to expand the work of Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), a provider of evidence based training and employment programs to recently incarcerated individuals in New York state. This flexible, multiyear funding will cover the full cost of CEO’s programmatic work and core costs to assist 2,000 individuals over a four-year period.

Health and Well-being

Case study: CarePayment: Financing Out-of-Pocket Medical Debt While Keeping Bill Collectors at Bay

CarePayment provides aims to give patients a way to manage their medical debt. Simultaneously, CarePayment offers healthcare providers increased revenues, improved patients satisfactions and community relations.