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Two generations. One future.

Top Ten for 2Gen

Policies and Principles to Advance Two-Generation Efforts

Federal and state policymakers can pursue ten effective policies immediately to help parents and children break out of the cycle of poverty. Top Ten for 2-Gen outlines six principles and ten specific policies to guide the design and use of two-generation approaches.

Watch the release and discussion: http://youtu.be/tsmTdOHoJFo

The recommendations span early education, post-secondary education, economic assets and health and well-being. They are informed by a growing field of innovative practitioners and policymakers. The policies work within the existing legislative and funding landscape rather than seeking new funding or legislation.

The recommendations include:
• strengthening family and parent supports in the Head Start and Early Head Start programs;
• increasing support for economic security outcomes in home visiting programs;
• reforming financial aid programs to better help enrolled student parents; and
• redesigning Temporary Assistance for Needy Families for 21st century families; and
• leveraging provisions in the Affordable Care Act for family health and economic security.

Download Top Ten for 2Gen here.

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These policies are strongly supported by the American public according to a 2014 national poll by Lake Research Partners. They focus on “two-generation approaches,” which work with parents and children together rather than in isolation. Pioneering communities across the country are using these strategies to boost their efforts on behalf of low-income families.

Watch the October 7, Top 10 for 2-Gen: Principles for Action and Lessons from Bipartisan Polling, Webinar.

Speakers and commentary by: Anne Mosle, Ascend at the Aspen Institute,Marjorie Sims, Ascend at the Aspen Institute, Celinda Lake, Lake Research Partners,Vince Breglio, Breglio and Associates,Karen Crompton, Voices for Utah Children, Liane Wong, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Yvette Sanchez Fuentes, National Alliance for Hispanic FamiliesElaine Zimmerman, Connecticut Commission on Children

Download Top 10 for 2-Gen: Principles for Action and Lessons from Bipartisan Polling  webinar slides.

According to the poll, 89 percent of Americans favor two-generation program to raise families out of poverty, and 70 percent would strongly favor the approach even if their own taxes were increased. Moreover, support for the ten policies cuts across party lines, gender, race and geography. 

More findings from the poll:

• 84% support Head Start partnerships to help the parents of low-income children further their own education and job training;
• 88% want to include information on employment and job training in home visiting programs for pregnant women and their children;
• 86% believe mental health screenings and services should be offered to both parents and their children at the same time.
• 73% favor making parents enrolled in college or workforce training programs eligible for state-funded childcare subsidies;
• 69% support including childcare expenses in determining financial aid eligibility for the 25% of college students who are parents.