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Values and Cultural Trends in America: What Does Opportunity Mean Today?

Monday, October 8, 2012: ThinkXChange Opening Night 

From left, Dr. Eric L. Motley, Celinda Lake, and Michael Gerson


At the inaugural Aspen ThinkXChange on October 8 - 10, 2012 in Aspen, Colorado, 150 leaders from around the country envisioned new ways of collaborating across sectors; influencing change across programs, policies, systems, and research; and leveraging resources for better outcomes for parents and their children together. Ascend Fellows assumed key roles in highlighting and testing new ideas, and national and community-based leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors shared strategies from their own experiences.  Aspen Institute Vice President and Ascend Executive Director Anne Mosle welcomed the national leaders to Aspen, while Colorado Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia invited participants to think creatively and ambitiously about new solutions for families.

  Around the world, the United States is still seen by many as the land of opportunity. In this opening plenary session at the inaugural Aspen ThinkXChange, Aspen Institute Vice President Dr. Eric L. Motley moderates a conversation between Lake Research Partners' Celinda Lake and Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, examining the questions: How do values and cultural trends influence policies and programs to create opportunities for vulnerable families? What role does politics play in promoting economic security, and how do Americans perceive their own – and their children’s – potential for success? What are the implications for leaders gathered at the Aspen ThinkXChange?

To watch highlights of remarks by Dr. Eric Motley, Celinda Lake, and Michael Gerson, watch the video:

To watch highlights of remarks by Anne Mosle and Colorado Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia, watch the video:

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