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Two generations. One future.

Promising Programs

The Ascend Programs Profiles include a range of emerging and established two-generation programs from across the United States that provide opportunities for and meet the needs of vulnerable children and their parents together. Two-generation programs directly serve children and their parents simultaneously, through education, provision of economic supports, and/or development of social capital. 

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Emerging Programs
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Two-generation programs may provide intensive services to either parents or children, but should have offerings in education (primarily postsecondary education and/or early childhood education), economic supports, and/or social capital that provide opportunities for the other generation.  For example: an early childhood program focuses on providing high-quality early childhood education to children. 


To be considered a two-generation program, an early childhood program should provide opportunities for educational and economic success for the parent, for example through GED courses and postsecondary education, financial supports, and/or development of trusted relationships and networks through family support or other services.


Ascend continuously tracks emerging and established two-generation programs, and interviews program leaders for insights into strategy, operations, scaling efforts, and the experiences of families. To submit your program to the profiles, please email us.