2Gen Toolbox

Ascend is pleased to offer these resources to the growing two-generation field. We kindly request that you attribute Ascend’s work by citing the tool referenced. Please email ascend.info@aspeninstitute.org with any questions. Thank you!

This tool shares insights on the importance of restructuring Washington state’s WorkFirst program (WA version of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) using a two”┬Égeneration approach to support employment pathways for low-income women. Washington Budget and Policy Center, April 2015.

This tool identifies core qualities that exemplify the best practices in early childhood education programs and workforce programs that seek to put the Latino family, both children and adults, on a path of economic security and full civic engagement in U.S. society. National Council La Raza, July 2015.

This self-assessment tool contains three core qualities that were defined to create a successful two-generation program serving Latino families. National Council La Raza, July 2015.

This report shares two-generation strategies for working with disconnected young parents and their children. National Human Services Assembly, December 2013.

This collection of case studies display both the successes of six Head Start programs implementing two-generation solutions. National Head Start Association, April 2015.