NameImpact GroupCityStateUrlcategories_hfilter
All Our Kin
All Our KinAscend Network PartnersNew RochelleNew
ANDRUSAscend Network PartnersYonkersNew
Anthony Barrows
Anthony BarrowsAscend Fellows (Cohort 3)NEW YORK CITYNew
Bronx Community College
Bronx Community CollegeAscend Network PartnersBronxNew
Chastity Lord
Chastity LordPSP National Advisor (Phase 2)BrooklynNew
College and Community Fellowship
College and Community FellowshipAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Columbia Law School, Center for Institutional and Social Change
Columbia Law School, Center for Institutional and Social ChangeAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Cornell University
Cornell UniversityAscend Network PartnersIthacaNew
Ebony Underwood
Ebony UnderwoodAscend Fellows (Cohort 2)New YorkNew
Educational Alliance
Educational AllianceAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Enterprise Community Partners
Enterprise Community PartnersAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Felix Matos Rodriguez
Felix Matos RodriguezAscend Fellows (Cohort 2)ManhattanNew
Felix Matos Rodriguez
Felix Matos RodriguezPostsecondary Leadership CircleNew York CityNew
Greg Taylor
Greg TaylorFP Advisors ( Phase 1)New YorkNew
Greg Taylor
Greg TaylorAscend Fellows (Cohort 2)Floral ParkNew
Hamilton-Madison House
Hamilton-Madison HouseAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Hostos Community College
Hostos Community CollegeAscend Network PartnersBronxNew
Ideas42Ascend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
It Takes a City
It Takes a CityAscend Network PartnersNew York CityNew
Jesus Benitez
Jesus BenitezPSP Parent Advisor (Cohort 1)BronxNew
LaSalle School
LaSalle SchoolAscend Network PartnersAlbanyNew
laurie brotman
laurie brotmanAscend Fellows (Cohort 2)New YorkNew
Literacy Inc.
Literacy Inc.Ascend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Literacy Partners, Inc.
Literacy Partners, Inc.Ascend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Lorelei Vargas
Lorelei VargasAscend Fellows (Cohort 3)New YorkNew
Lorelei Vargas
Lorelei VargasFP Advisors ( Phase 2)New YorkNew
Lorelei Vargas
Lorelei VargasPSP Parent Advisor (Cohort 2)New YorkNew
Montefiore Medical Center
Montefiore Medical CenterAscend Network PartnersYonkersNew
New York City Administration for Children's Services
New York City Administration for Children's ServicesAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
New York City Housing Authority
New York City Housing AuthorityAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
New York City Technical College Our Children's Center
New York City Technical College Our Children's CenterAscend Network PartnersBrooklynNew
New York Immigration Coalition
New York Immigration CoalitionAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Queens College (CUNY)
Queens College (CUNY)Ascend Network PartnersQueensNew
Rural Outreach Center
Rural Outreach CenterAscend Network PartnersEast AuroraNew
Saint Peter's University
Saint Peter's UniversityAscend Network PartnersJersey CityNew
Sara Horowitz
Sara HorowitzFP Advisors ( Phase 2)BrooklynNew
Sara Horowitz
Sara HorowitzPSP Parent Advisor (Cohort 2)BrooklynNew
Sesame Workshop
Sesame WorkshopAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Sheryl WuDunn
Sheryl WuDunnFP Advisors ( Phase 1)ScarsdaleNew
The Doe Fund
The Doe FundAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
The Jed Foundation
The Jed FoundationAscend Network PartnersBrooklynNew
United Neighborhood Houses
United Neighborhood HousesAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
United Neighborhood Houses of New York (NY)
United Neighborhood Houses of New York (NY)FP Innovators ( Phase 2)New YorkNew
United Way of New York City
United Way of New York CityAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Vera Institute of Justice
Vera Institute of JusticeAscend Network PartnersNew YorkNew
Vivian Nixon
Vivian NixonAscend Fellows (Cohort 1)New YorkNew
Wes Moore
Wes MooreAscend Fellows (Cohort 1)New YorkNew
Western New York Women's Foundation
Western New York Women's FoundationAscend Network PartnersBuffaloNew
Yolanda Johnson-Peterkin
Yolanda Johnson-PeterkinPSP Parent Advisor (Cohort 2)BrooklynNew

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