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Ascend is pleased to offer these resources to the growing two-generation field. We kindly request that you attribute Ascend’s work by citing the publication referenced. Please email with any questions. Thank you!

It is our pleasure to share this collection of leadership briefs from the inspiring leaders who make up the first cohort of the Aspen Institute Colorado Children and Families Fellowship. This journey began with a question: What would it take to make Colorado the best place to have a child and raise a thriving family? 

CAP Tulsa Brief II

CareerAdvance®, developed and run by the Community Action Project of Tulsa County (CAP Tulsa), is a model two-generation intervention that pairs early childhood education for children with career pathway training in the healthcare sector for parents. CareerAdvance® recruits parents from high quality Head Start centers and offers career certification programs in the healthcare field at no cost to families. Additional program elements include career coaching, weekly peer learning groups, financial incentives/in-kind assistance, and wraparound child care. Notably, the study found that parent participation in the CareerAdvance® program was associated with positive short-term effects for two groups of children: children whose parents were more college ready and children who were less school ready.

Family Prosperity Innovation Community Index

The Family Prosperity Innovation Community Index is a collection of resources created by Aspen Family Prosperity Innovation Community partners. Since 2017, Family Prosperity has produced a wide range of research and resources to advance learning and action around what it takes to move families, especially those with low incomes, toward economic mobility. The community’s work addresses policy and practice on a wide range of issues, including paid family and medical leave, child care, health insurance and health care, employment benefits, and social safety net programs. This body of work represents the evidence necessary to envision a future of family-supportive policies and practices in America, and the path required to meet it.

Framing Two-Generation Approaches to Supporting Families Report

To build a bigger constituency for innovative and more robust approaches to social policy and social services, two-generation advocates will need to communicate clearly, and carefully.

This framing playbook is intended for “the choir” – the agency leaders, social service professionals, and advocates, including families, who are leading their communities and constituencies toward two-generation approaches to supporting families. It offers guidance on how to make intentional choices about where to start, what to emphasize, and what to leave unsaid.

Messaging Guide

The messages found in this guide are based on the results of research and analysis by the FrameWorks Institute. These tips will help you craft memorable, effective messages for the public and policymakers. More information on the research and rationale behind these recommendations is available in Framing Two-Generation Approaches to Supporting Families.

Committed to helping families create an intergenerational cycle of opportunity, LIFT, a national nonprofit that connects parents with trained coaches who help them achieve career and financial goals, implements a two-generation (2Gen) strategy. Their partnership with AppleTree, a recognized leader in evidence-based early childhood education, demonstrates LIFT’s commitment to staying laser-focused on the needs of its members – the parents – while recognizing that the educational and financial well-being of parents affects their kids. The initial data from this strategic partnership has yielded promising results. (July 2019)