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2Gen Outcomes Bank

The 2Gen Outcomes Bank is designed to help capture and organize the outcomes, research, tools, and evidence base for two-generation approaches, strategies, and programs. Within the database, you will find outcomes, indicators, and research organized by child, parent, and family across the core 2Gen components of education, economic assets, health and well-being, and social capital.…

Understanding 2Gen

A one-page overview description of “What is 2Gen?” and its core components.

Understanding 2Gen with Graphic

A one-page overview description of “What is 2Gen?” and its core components — with 2Gen graphic attached.

Two Open Windows: Part II-New Research on Infant and Caregiver Neurobiologic Change

The original Two Open Windows (Kim and Watamura, 2015) highlighted research supporting the transition to parenting as a co-occurring sensitive period — i.e., a time in life characterized by “two open windows” where both infants and parents are especially receptive to being shaped by their environments. This report offers an update of that research for…

Strategies and Innovations that Support Student Parents: Add High-Quality Non-Degree Pathways for Parents

Parents who want to improve their economic opportunity through education often encounter scheduling conflicts, child care challenges, and other major obstacles that high-quality, non-degree programs can help them overcome. Access to more flexible pathways creates opportunities for parents to develop the skills needed to participate in the workforce and obtain economic security while recognizing and…

Strategies and Innovations that Support Student Parents: Create Networks for Parents to Eliminate Social Stigma

Students who are parents need access to networks to create social capital and to achieve their goals, such as completion of a postsecondary credential and ensuring access to the job market after graduation.