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Minimum Wage. Limited Options

In last week’s blog, Ascend at the Aspen Institute staff wrote about how a minimum wage job might impact their lives. While we were speculating about what life could be like on a minimum wage salary, one Colorado legislator, Senator Jessie Ulibarri was living it.  morenext

Delivering Meaningful Impact with For-Profit Social Enterprise

Up until last year, I was President & COO of the apparel company, American MoJo, a for-profit social enterprise (FPSE) based in Lowell, Massachusetts.   morenext

Giving Voice to Young Children

Young children deserve a voice that supports their success.  morenext

Living on the Smallest Paychecks: An Ascend Analysis

Can you live on the minimum wage? The New York Times recently posed this question on its website, noting that more than 4.8 million workers now earn the lowest legal pay.   morenext

Six Word Essays: Are You Up to the Challenge?

Is it possibly to encapsulate a hope, a feeling, a story in a mere six words? Inspired by Six-Word Memoirs from SMITH Magazine the Early Childhood Partnership took the challenge. In six words, partners described what it would take to buffer the impact of toxic stress in the earliest years.  morenext

Turning Strengths Into Stories

Last month, I participated in a convening co-hosted by the National Crittenton Foundation (TNCF) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation focused on generating solutions for marginalized young American women.   morenext

You’ve Got Chocolate in My Peanut Butter!

Remember that old commercial, “You’ve got chocolate in my peanut butter! You’ve got peanut butter in my chocolate?” Put aside the unlikely ways peanut butter and chocolate “got into” each other in those 1980s ads, and the gist was clear: two great things are even better together. That’s what two-generation strategies are all about.  morenext

Banking on Children and Parents Together

Can you imagine a child in preschool with her own bank account? How might she feel as she takes a trip to the local bank or credit union branch to make her deposit?   morenext

Collaboration and A Woman’s Nation

Last week I had the privilege of attending The Atlantic Presents the Shriver Report LIVE in Washington, DC, where a remarkable mix of leaders shared big ideas on how to lift all women toward opportunity.  morenext

A Montessori Model for Two Generations

A major strategy of Ascend is to elevate two-generation programs, which provide opportunities for and meet the needs of vulnerable children and their parents together.   morenext

NCFL Research: Two-Generation Program Promotes Meaningful Parent Engagement, Academic Achievement

Numerous studies over the past two decades show that parents’ educational attainment and their involvement in their child’s education leads to greater academic success for that child.   morenext

Kentucky Promise

A few months after his January 1964 State of the Union speech, President Lyndon B. Johnson stood on the front steps of a home in East Appalachia, Kentucky and declared a “war on poverty” in the United States.   morenext

Ascend Fellows Move Ideas Into Action

Last month, I spent three days with a diverse group of leaders at the final Forum of the Ascend Fellowship.   morenext

Anne Mosle: Local and National Visionary

Aspen Institute Ascend Executive Director Anne Mosle has influenced the lives of countless women and girls around the world and, especially, in the DC metro region. We are among those women.  morenext

Where the Jobs Are: Young Parents in the Private Sector

Through my work with employers, I know that while these young parents strive to connect to employment, U.S. employers still struggle to find skilled and diverse talent.   morenext

Build, Buy, and Buy-In

Lots of brows furrowed in concentrated attention. That’s my visual memory of the Aspen Institute Forum on Innovations in Early Childhood  morenext

Filming for Change: On the Road with Two-Generation Innovators

The short films that I am introducing today, made in collaboration with Ascend at the Aspen Institute, identify examples of hope and progress – success stories about real people that will lead the way toward improving millions of lives.   morenext

Pomp & Circumstance for Two-Generations

You don’t often hear “Pomp & Circumstance” in early August, but the familiar commencement music was a very moving sound last week   morenext

Moving Beyond Metrics, Moving Beyond Poverty

Imagine a region where 14.6 percent of the people are poor – meaning a family of four makes no more than $23,550 per year.   morenext

Building a Cycle of Opportunity, Two Generations at a Time

During the spring, when we began preparing for the two-generation Eagle Academy, the collaborative effort and vision of our school’s administration and professional staff, donors, and our nonprofit community partners were surpassed only by the enthusiasm and energy exuded by our family participants during our first week.   morenext

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