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5 things we’re excited about in impact investing

Impact investments come in many different forms, but seek both social and financial returns. The ImpactDEALS Forum, co-hosted by the Aspen Institute, is part of an ongoing series on market-based solutions. Here are some trends highlighted at the forum.  morenext

Q&A Session following webinar: Toxic! Stress, Health and ACEs


Calling for a two generation approach to child development

Over the years there has been a long standing recognition that child development is influenced by conditions facing families and in turn families are influenced by the community around them. These concepts have recently received renewed attention through a new report released by the World Bank, Stepping Up Early Childhood Development: Investing in Young Children for High Returns.  morenext

Prescription for Success: 2Gen Lessons

Jeanne Jackson, President of the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, shares the lessons and her reflections from their two-generation pilot, Prescription for Success.  morenext

Experiencing ThinkXChange: A Parent Ambassador’s Perspective

When I began my journey as a single parent, I had a fledgling law practice that did not generate consistent income. Living on inconsistent income made our household vulnerable to life’s uncertainties. It also taught me that my children and I must be holistically equipped so that our family unit can persevere in the midst of any emergency or uncertainty that we face. What does being “holistically equipped” look like? It means that we can responsibly manage our limited resources, that we are food and housing secure, mentally and physically healthy, and have at least one safety net. Holistically equipping, to me, involves using two-generation strategies to break the cycle of poverty and economic insecurity within vulnerable families.  morenext

How Impact Investing Can Advance Economic Mobility in America

The Aspen Institute took an in-depth look at the field of impact investing as one tool that could help advance economic mobility for families.  morenext

Family Feedback: A Lesson from the Rockies

The story of how Valley Settlement Project addressed the needs of immigrant families in the community through an inspiring, challenging, and ultimately successful series of meetings with parents themselves about their own literacy and learning.  morenext

Injustice and Hope 51 Years Later

“How does it feel reading ‘Letter from Birmingham City Jail’ as a Birmingham native?”  morenext

Taking a two-generation approach to helping families impacted by the justice system

The Vera Institute is working on a two-generation approach with the New York City Housing Authority to help formerly incarcerated individuals reunite with their families living in public housing while also providing them with case management services. This pilot program is based on two key principles: families play a critical role in helping their loved ones safely reenter from prison or jail and connect with employment; and, conversely, people returning home from correctional settings play important roles as parents and caregivers within their homes and communities.  morenext

Top Ten Policies to Lift Children and Parents out of Poverty

Ascend at the Aspen Institute recently released a report on the 10 most effective two-generation policies that would bring families out of poverty. Here are the highlights.  morenext

Five Things You Need to Know about the Affordable Care Act and Family Health and Economic Stability

A quick primer on the new report released by the Aspen Institute and the National Academy for State Health Policy, The Affordable Care Act: Affording Two-Generation Approaches to Health  morenext

Who’s Missing From This Picture? Single Parent Students

American Council on Education's Christopher J. Nellum and Ascend Program Manager Mekaelia Davis on the importance of considering the needs of single parent students.  morenext

Mississippi Rising: Building Two-Generation Solutions

Mississippi is on the forefront of a national wave of two-generation solutions, implementing programs that will benefit both children and their parents and break the intergenerational cycle of poverty.  morenext

Building An Early Learning Nation, Two Generations at a Time

Jackie Bezos is president of the Bezos Family Foundation. The Foundation has partnered with Ascend at the Aspen Institute to further two-generation approaches for children and their parents.  morenext

Fueling Family Ambition

The knowledge that a college degree is an important asset in today’s economy is a good first step toward economic stability, but many parents and students are rightfully dissuaded by the exorbitant cost of college. The complex financial aid application process does not help either. This is where organizations like FUEL Education can make a difference.  morenext

Carrying on the Two-Generation Drumbeat


A College Savings Account for Every Child

A study finds that students who had saved between $1 and $500 were four times more likely to graduate than students with no savings at all.  morenext

How to Write the Perfect Story for Social Change…a work in progress

Writing a good story is not that simple even if you have the ingredients. If it were, the nonprofit world would probably have more stories and fewer fact sheets. But I gave it some thought.  morenext

Reflections from Diversity Dynamics: A Father’s Perspective

In order to truly move the needle from a fatherless trend to a FatherFULL trend in America – we will need to work with fathers, mothers, children, and extended family.   morenext

Freedom and Opportunity

What is often thought of as impossible, becomes plausible when you consider the power of networks.  morenext

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