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When Head Start was launched in 1965, at its core was the idea that families and communities were integral to any effort to support children’s successful learning and development. Fifty years after that first summer of parents and churches and community organizations opening classrooms for poor children and providing them with learning experiences, medical and…

Bipartisan national public opinion and exit poll research on public support for two-generation policies. Report includes messaging tips for two-generation policies. December 2014.


Check out the exciting new Vroom tools for early learning from the Bezos Family Foundation: “¢ Vroom website with downloadable tools, videos, and other resources for families and caregivers; “¢ Quarterly newsletter with Vroom and brain science updates, community spotlights, and brain building tips; and “¢ Vroom app to create brain building moments wherever you…

The report recognizes the importance of learning from all sectors in tackling any challenge. Specifically, it builds on opportunities in the growing impact investment field. The report draws on the lessons from market-based approaches to identify tools and strategies that can help move the needle on family economic security. December 2014.

Webinar slides featuring three United Ways initiatives that exploretwo-generation approaches to family wellbeing. December 2014.

Ascend at the Aspen Institute partnered with the National Voices Project to conduct a major national survey of adults who work and volunteer on behalf of children. The focus of the survey was on key components for two-generation approaches and barriers to economic security and serving two generations. November 2014.