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Slides from Top 10 for 2-Gen: Principles for Action and Lessons from Bipartisan Polling Webinar Slides covering new exit-polling data about support for two-generation policies to lift families out of poverty. November 2014.

Voices for Utah Children’s fourth brief in their series focused on two-generation strategies to reduce poverty. Healthy and financially secure families are critical in helping end the cycle of intergenerational poverty. However, low-income families struggle to obtain health coverage that can provide the access to care and the financial protection that they need.

Six principles and ten specific policies policymakers can use now to guide the design and use of two-generation approaches. October 2014.

Policies that help parents keep kids in school, such as family leave polices and effective transportation systems; coupled with programs that help the child, such as attention to bullying; and improved policies at the school level, such as collecting the right data and working with families to identify barriers to school attendance will ensure that…

New report analyzing how the Affordable Care Act can improve families’ health and economic stability. September 2014.

A two-generation, multi-intervention strategy for single, first-time pregnant women in poverty is being developed by Salt Lake County. The three proposed interventions are: “¢ Nurse Family Partnership “¢ Education and training for the mother, and “¢ Two years of high quality preschool for the child beginning at 3 years of age. Voices for Utah Children’s…