Eric Liu

Co-Founder & CEO, Citizen University

Eric Liu is co-founder and CEO of Citizen University, which works to build a culture of powerful and responsible citizenship in the United States. He also directs the Aspen Institute’s Citizenship and American Identity Program. Liu previously served as a White House speechwriter for President Clinton and later as his deputy domestic policy advisor. President Obama appointed him to the board of the Corporation for National and Community Service. An Ashoka fellow and frequent contributor to, Liu is the author of The Accidental AsianThe Gardens of Democracy (co-authored with Nick Hanauer); You’re More Powerful Than You Think; and, most recently, Become America: Civic Sermons on Love, Responsibility, and Democracy. He is featured on the PBS documentary, “American Creed.”

Convenings Featuring Eric Liu

Location: Aspen, CO
In a time of historically low trust in leaders and institutions, how can leaders build trust across lines of difference, depolarize solutions, and not live in fear of cancel culture? What does it look like to lead effectively today and increase the...
ConveningJune 27, 2023