Marta Alvira-Hammond

Research Scientist, Child Trends
Bethesda, Maryland

Marta Alvira-Hammond combines her expertise as a social demographer with her enthusiasm for communication and digital media as a research scientist in the Reproductive Health and Family Formation area. Her research interests include immigration and immigrant families, inequality, poverty and self-sufficiency, the safety net, and health. Currently, her main projects focus on poverty and the safety net among Hispanic families; communications work for the HHS Office of Adolescent Health; and the Emerging Scholars Initiative of the Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse.

Marta first came to Child Trends in 2014 as a Research Fellow for the National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families. She is currently working on her dissertation as a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at Bowling Green State University, specializing in demography with minors in social psychology and quantitative methods.maryl

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