the 2gen accelerator community

Ascend is partnering with 15 local and national nonprofit organizations that hold best practices for two-generation (2Gen) or whole-family approaches. Together, this community will codify, accelerate, and scale their learnings and successes to influence systems change and transform outcomes for families with low incomes.

our community

The 2Gen Accelerator Community is comprised of 15 partner organizations. Each partner has received a one-year grant, of up to $170,000, to codify their learnings and document their successes to advance systems change so more families with low incomes can move toward educational success, economic security, and health and well-being.

This Community represents diverse communities across 12 states. Each partner brings rich expertise with best practices ranging from community health career pathways for parents; partnerships to embed 2Gen in early childhood and postsecondary systems; opportunities to reduce involvement in the criminal legal system for young parents; among others. All share the same North Star of moving more families toward intergenerational prosperity and well-being.


Throughout 2024, the 2Gen Accelerator Community will work beside families to amplify strategies and solutions that pave pathways to prosperity for families who are most likely to face economic injustices. Together the 2Gen Accelerator Community will receive a complement of technical assistance from Ascend and its partners, participate in peer learning and strategic conversations, and will engage state and federal leaders. 

This Community will surface the best practices that blend innovation and evidence – building on existing programs and resources – to codify what works for families and leads other practitioners and state and community systems leaders to reimagine their services and produce stronger child and family outcomes. Partners’ work will culminate in Aspen, Colorado during ThinkXChange, the national forum on 2Gen solutions, in October 2024.

Codify & document 2gen best practices

Collectively, this Community is developing a portfolio of over 50 resources that organize insights and lessons learned from their 2Gen work. These resources will be designed to strengthen these programs and inspire other organizations’ support.

package & communicate for scale

We’ll surface progress with key stakeholders and target audiences to accelerate collaboration and innovation. We’ll engage county, state, and federal systems that are primed to adopt and promote these policies and practices.

Improve outcomes & opportunities for family well-being

We want to ensure all families have an opportunity to build a legacy of lasting economic security. All partners will continue elevating the expertise of parents and families in their work.