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Two generations. One future.

Aspen Institute Ascend Network

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Goal of the Ascend Network

The goal of the Aspen Institute Ascend Network is to mobilize empowered two-generation organizations and leaders to influence policy and practice changes that increase economic security, educational success, social capital, and health and well-being for children, parents, and their families.

The initial 58 organizations were selected from 24 states and the District of Columbia. They represent the leading edge of a national movement around two-generation approaches.

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The selected organizations range from:

They join the Ascend Fellows, anchor members of the Network and pioneers in solutions for families.

Through the Ascend Network, the Aspen Institute has invested $1.2 million in wide-reaching policy and practice innovations to increase families’ educational success and economic security.

Network members receive targeted support and tools, including:

Network themes and areas for deeper exploration include:

Ascend catalyzed the Network with the 2012-2013 Ascend Fellowship.

The Fellowship invests in a cohort of diverse leaders with breakthrough ideas to build educational success and economic security for low-income families. These leaders have a vision for ensuring the American dream passes from one generation to the next. Ascend supports Fellows with resources and a platform to create, amplify, and expand proven and promising two-generation strategies that focus on children and parents together.

The 18-month fellowship spurs new partnerships, increases the impact of Fellows’ work, strengthens their leadership capacity and networks, fuels their passion, and — most important — inspires them to action.

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