2019 Aspen ThinkXChange

Our fourth ThinkXChange focused on the intersection of two-generation (2Gen) solutions and improved workplace policies that can help all families thrive.

Agenda & Sessions

This ThinkXChange included more than 240 leaders working at the intersections of public policy, faith, community-based programs, human services, health, and the private sectors. Our agenda was designed to provide you with ways to go deep on issues and topics that can advance your work, as well as step back and generate fresh thinking for your efforts.

Day 1

Wednesday, October 16

9:00 am  - 10:30 am ET

The racial wealth gap is one of the most significant barriers to equity and opportunity for families in the United States. Understanding how race and other factors (e.g., gender and geography) impact asset-building and economic mobility – and the ways in which communities, systems, and families are confronting these gaps – will be vital to keeping pace with shifting demographics and advancing family prosperity. Hear from some of the country’s leading researchers and thinkers on fresh data and bold ideas to create a 21st century economy that works for all families.

Day 2

Thursday, October 17

8:30 am  - 9:45 am MT

In 2017, Ascend launched the Aspen Family Prosperity Innovation Community, a learning and action initiative that developed bold strategies that strengthen parents’ and families’ employment, economic security, and health and well-being. Six leading, bipartisan organizations anchored this innovation community. This morning, you will hear from them on how paid leave, employer feedback loops, healthcare policy, and much more are being shaped by family voice and political leadership – and what’s to come in 2020.

6:30 pm  - 8:30 pm MT

There is no single story—we each bring our own unique values, experiences, joys, sorrows, and convictions to the work we do every day. Tonight, you will hear Ascend Fellows and Partners share their stories. At a time when pundits and politicians spend a lot of time talking about income inequality and struggling families, this evening aims to put the mic in the hands of the people. Following these storytellers’ contributions, award-winning journalist Courtney E. Martin will facilitate a short discussion on how our stories impact our collective strategies for scaling solutions farther and faster.


Program Book - Aspen ThinkXChange: Advancing Family Prosperity


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