The Story of Us: Creating Transformational Narratives

There is no single story—we each bring our own unique values, experiences, joys, sorrows, and convictions to the work we do every day. Tonight, you will hear Ascend Fellows and Partners share their stories. At a time when pundits and politicians spend a lot of time talking about income inequality and struggling families, this evening aims to put the mic in the hands of the people. Following these storytellers’ contributions, award-winning journalist Courtney E. Martin will facilitate a short discussion on how our stories impact our collective strategies for scaling solutions farther and faster.

Event Information
Date: October 17, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm  - 8:30 pm MT
Location: Aspen, CO (in-person) & Live Webcast (virtual)
Host: Ascend at the Aspen Institute
The right people.
The right time.
The right conversation.