Emily Sama-Miller

Principal Researcher, Mathematica Policy Research

Ms. Sama-Miller has nearly two decades of experience studying policies and programs to support child and family well-being. Her work includes systematic and traditional narrative literature reviews and conceptual model development on on two-generation initiatives and their components, home visiting, employment and training programs, the relationship of work to well-being, and the various components of economic and social well-being. She also enjoys opportunities to gather feedback from program administrators, intervention developers, and families on the practical implications of program and policy research findings.

Stories featuring Emily Sama-Miller

A commitment to rigorous learning and evaluation is fundamental to the implementation of a two-generation (2Gen) approach so that we’re me...
Ascend NetworkMarch 10, 2022

Convenings Featuring Emily Sama-Miller

Location: Virtual & In-Person in Washington, DC
Over the course of two days, our discussions focused on bold, equitable, and pragmatic strategies for building prosperity and well-being for all families. Sessions include insights from the latest two-generation (2Gen) family data, examples of...
ConveningApril 11, 2023 – April 12, 2023
Location: Washington, DC & Virtual
A decade into 2Gen 2.0, what have we learned about family outcomes, and what’s the research roadmap for organizations moving forward? This session will provide a sweeping analysis of what we’ve accomplished and what the agenda looks like for 2Gen...
ConveningApril 12, 2023