Patrice King Brickman

Patrice King Brickman is the founder and Managing Director of Inspire Capital, LLC, a venture fund that invests in predominantly women and minority-led businesses with social impact. She is also a founder and investor in WE Capital, and a founding member of the Conscious Leadership ForumĀ and Soul Circle. She is a member of TIGER 21 and the Economic Club of Washington.

She has served on several non-profit boards both locally and nationally. While her primary passion has been centered on poverty and homelessness, as she has worked most intimately with that population, she has also been involved with the arts and education.

She currently serves on the boards of Halcyon, Wolf Trap, and Ascend at the Aspen Institute, and has served on Childrenā€™s National Hospital Foundation, the NationalĀ Center forĀ Children andĀ Families, Peer Health Exchange, and the Washington Area Womanā€™s Foundation.

She is a limited partner in numerous funds, most notably, Lafayette Square, Rethink Impact, Black Star Fund, Revolution Growth, Arborview, Razors Edge, NextGen Partners, Knightswan, Sinewave, and Halcyon. She is a minority partner in Monumental Sports and Entertainment.

Patrice lives in Potomac, Maryland, and hasĀ four children, Anna, Leah, Kenna, and Lane.

Convenings Featuring Patrice King Brickman

Location: St. Regis Hotel Courtyard (Aspen, CO) & Live Webcast (virtual)
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ConveningJune 28, 2022