Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc. is a tribal 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to share its experience developing the Five Factors (FF) project, a participant self-assessment of indicators of family health and wellbeing from a tribal perspective. Five Factors defines, tracks and measures participants’ movement toward their own definition of success and helps CITC determine the most effective way to unite the efforts of its service departments to meet the needs of our participants’ families. The eponymous five factors that are used in the Five Factors self-assessment tool are: (1) financial stability, (2) education and training, (3) cultural and spiritual wellness, (4) healthy lifestyles, and (5) relationships that lead to families’ success. CITC is a strong advocate for low-income families, minorities, and women. CITC’s work is designed to benefit people in Alaska’s Cook Inlet region, specifically, parents and children who are Alaska Native or American Indian (AN/AI) and who suffer from the adverse effects of poverty, addictions, and lack of opportunity. Innovation exchange, as a partner of the Aspen Network’s Family Prosperity cohort, will improve CITC’s ability to provide the highest quality of essential services in the community that impact health and well-being.

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Our world has changed. The wave of uncertainty touched off by the pandemic is becoming an ongoing process of relearning how to live, work and care for our families. A powerful national movement for racial justice around the world is making clear that we need a new social contract. Our nation faces a reckoning with …

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Smiling Family With Parents Giving Children Piggyback Rides In Garden At Home
Contact: Lindsay Broyhill Ascend at the Aspen Institute  Bold Leaders to Advance Innovative Strategies for Families’ Health and Economic Prosperity  Aspen Institute Launches New Partners and Advisors in Aspen Family Prosperity Innovation Community  Washington, DC – Ascend at the Aspen Institute is proud to announce the new partners and advisors the Aspen Family Prosperity Innovation Community, Ascend’s initiative for breakthrough innovations and collaborations that position families to reach educational …

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