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Stories featuring Vera Institute of Justice

Photo of Ignacio Angel and his family.
Ignacio Angel has decided to define for himself what success looks like as a college student and father of four. The for-profit trade school he went to, which was later investigated for preying on vulnerable students, never delivered on promises of a job, and landed him in debt. With Lilly’s help, he found a support …

‘1 in 5’ Season 2 Episode 2: Meet Ignacio Angel Read More »

Aspen Postsecondary Success for ParentsDecember 1, 2022
As we reimagine public systems and services to work better for families, we have an opportunity to do so in a way that honors the full diversity of family structures, as families themselves define them, and builds upon families’ inherent resilience. This requires an intentional and explicit commitment to applying a gender lens inclusive of …

Bringing Fathers Into Focus for Child & Family Well-Being Read More »

BlogJune 16, 2021
Some of my fondest childhood memories take me back to the box truck my dad drove to deliver books and magazines to stores in our hometown of Flint, Michigan. I would spend days off from school riding along as he made his rounds, counting out orders between stores on his route. He paid me 20 …

Seeing Fathers’ Roles in Family Prosperity Clearly in 2020: How Redemption and Renewal Help Make Families Whole Read More »

BlogMay 21, 2020

Convenings Featuring Vera Institute of Justice

Location: Virtual (Zoom)
Authentic engagement and radical listening: this is how two-generation (2Gen) innovations begin. In this discussion, we will hear from parents who have elevated their voices and in turn shaped programs and policies for other families. As an Ascend...
ConveningJune 7, 2021