Ascend at the Aspen Institute Hosts Early Childhood, Health, and Beyond Forum

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Our Stori…fy from Webinar With Wes Moore on Two-Gen Storytelling

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When Women Succeed, America Succeeds

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Growing, Learning, and Being a Child

Nestled in the warmth of their blankets and surrounded by love, the 3-year-olds are peacefully napping at the on-site Jeremiah Child Development Center. One small hand mischievously waves at our group through the hall window. We are visiting from Ascend at the Aspen Institute: Anne Mosle – Vice President & Executive Director, Mekaelia Davis –…

The Sun, the Stars: Creating Two-Generation Legislation

Setting the sun. Under the Colorado sunset review process, the responsibility for conducting sunset reviews alternates between the committees of reference in the state House and in the Senate. Generally, a sunset law is a law that automatically terminates a state regulatory agency, board, or function of government on a certain date.   This summer, while…

When Small Financial Hurdles Threaten to Derail, Everyday Donors Step In

Follow @MeganKashner The air is thick with news, opinions and positions on poverty and opportunity in the U.S. While many voices bemoan the tattered state of the American Dream, those involved in the two-generation field, spurred by Ascend at the Aspen Institute, are acting. I had the honor of connecting in person with the Ascend…