The Aspen ThinkXChange is a dynamic platform to discuss and debate opportunities, challenges, and solutions for moving children and their parents toward educational success and economic security.  With a focus on two-generation approaches to economic mobility and the power of networks to create lasting change, the Aspen ThinkXChange will highlight the work and ideas of …

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October 12, 2014
I sat in my advisor’s office, holding my breath as she prepared to give me feedback on the latest version of my master’s thesis. But before she could launch into her suggestions on what to change and what to keep, she had something else to share with me. “I spoke with the local department of …

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BlogJune 18, 2014
Follow @mekas3zs   The following blog is excerpted and condensed from remarks given by Tameka Henry, a parent of children enrolled in Acelero Learning, at the 2012 Aspen ThinkXChange in Aspen, Colorado.  Tameka was nominated to speak at the Aspen ThinkXChange by Ascend Fellow Henry Wilde. Tameka Henry, left, at the Aspen ThinkXChange I am …

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BlogDecember 11, 2012
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August 29, 2012