Ignacio Angel

Santa Monica Community College
Los Angeles, California

Ignacio is a proud father of four with kids ranging from 1 to 7-years-old. He earned a Dental Assistant Certificate from Everest College and is currently pursuing an associate degree in sociology from Santa Monica Community College. His spouse is also a student parent and they juggle work, school, and parenting together. Ignacio participated in the Alameda County Fathers Corps (ACFC), which supports fathers to be meaningfully engaged with their children and to advocate for father-friendly services. He is also part of Rising Scholars Network, a program at certain California community colleges that is dedicated to opening opportunity and academic achievement for students who have experienced the criminal justice system. Ignacio’s future aspirations are to earn a master’s degree in social welfare from the University of California, Los Angeles and dedicate his life to helping others by becoming a substance abuse counselor.

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