Ebony Underwood

New York, New York

Ebony Underwood is the founder/CEO of WE GOT US NOW.  A visionary leader, social entrepreneur, content creator, and daughter who experienced firsthand the devastation of decades of separation from her incarcerated father, Ebony was determined to center the lived expertise of children impacted by parental incarceration. In 2018, she launched, WE GOT US NOW, a digital platform that has evolved into the nation’s leading nonprofit organization advocating for the well-being of children and young adults impacted by parental incarceration. Prior to founding WE GOT US NOW, she received a Proclamation from the City of NY and was awarded the Soros Justice Fellowship. Her thought leadership has been cited by the National Academies of Science, Engineering & Medicine and a featured guest speaker at Yale Law School, Columbia Law School, NYU Law School, American Law School, John Jay School of Criminal Justice, Howard University, Google, SXSW and has been invited to the White House several times as a herald voice for children with incarcerated parents. She co-authored a chapter in the 2nd Edition Handbook on Children with Incarcerated Parents and published op-ed articles in USA Today,, The Appeal, Vibe and .Mic. She was awarded the Arizona State University’s Champion of Child Well-Being, DREAM CORPS Justice Next Step to Justice Award, the SALUTE HER Community Activist Award and currently sits on the Board of Directors at The Sentencing Project. 

My Truth

My ability to be bold and courageous enough to wear my heart on my sleeve and reveal to the world that my dad was incarcerated with a life sentence. In the process, I learned how extremely harsh his sentence actually was, how deeply traumatized I had been due to his physical absence, and how necessary it is to engage, educate, elevate and empower the vast population of children and young adults longing for the transformative experience of a community filled with understanding, trust, advocacy, justice and love ~ #WEGOTUSNOW.

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