Vivian Nixon

New York, New York

Vivian D. Nixon is Writer in Residence at The Square One Project. She contributes to the Racial Justice and Abolition Democracy (RJAD) Project and the narrative of racial reckoning.Recently retired, Vivian gained 20-years of leadership experience at College & Community Fellowship (CCF), a nonprofit that helps women with criminal convictions earn college degrees. She enrolled in CCF as a student upon her release from prison. In 2006, she became executive director, exponentially increasing the organization’s resources and impact. The CCF community made significant contributions to public policy initiatives that restored Pell grant eligibility to incarcerated college students. During the time Vivian spent in prison she was moved to write and speak about issues that promote spiritual, physical, and economic health for women who are subject to structurally biased social systems. In her new role as a writer, she tries to break through walls of stigma and reveal the wisdom these women offer to a world that often overlooks their worth.

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