The Aspen Institute just kicked off its first-ever Forum on Women and Girls, and what a night. The first panel of the forum, The State of Play: Women’s Rights and Economic Justice, brought a lot of engaging conversation and heat to the room, between discussions about work and choice (or a lack thereof) to questions around how to be a meaningful ally. For those who missed it, here are some of the best quotes to provide some food for thought as we continue the conversation tomorrow: 

“Women where? Women when? What women?” – Melissa Harris Perry

‘What’s really galvanizing young people is the possibility that we can see freedom in our lifetime.’  – Alicia Garza

“We as a society do not want to be uncomfortable. That is why patriarchy survives today.” – Teresa Younger

“Social change isn’t linear. The victories that we have are often temporal.” – Judith Lichtman

“Economic equality is good for growth.” – Heather Boushey

Check out the #womenforward hashtag and watch the livestream tomorrow for much more.