Parents are a sizable but often overlooked student population in postsecondary systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed new demands on all parents with young children and shed new light on the multiple barriers that student parents face. The Aspen Postsecondary Success for Parents Initiative engaged a diverse group of leaders including parents, researchers, workforce development experts, college presidents, philanthropists, and policymakers to develop a series of publications: Strategies and Innovations that Support Student Parents.

The seven briefs identify the barriers that make it difficult for parents to complete their studies to the best of their abilities and highlight solutions that guide parents to achieve their postsecondary goals. They are meant to spark innovation of current policies and programs. Postsecondary leaders who understand their students’ diverse roles and needs, and the systemic gaps, are positioned to pursue additional strategies that support their institutional as well as national achievement goals.  

The Strategies and Innovations briefs focus on the following topics:

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