Aspen Asks: The Untapped Engine: How Can Women Drive The Economy?

On January 24th, on the afternoon of the State of the Union address, Ascend hosted the 2nd Aspen Asks panel, "The Untapped Engine: How Can Women Drive the Economy?" Introduced by former Aspen Institute Board Chair Berl Bernhard and moderated by Pulitzer-winning journalist and New York Times Washington Bureau Chief David Leonhardt, the panel featured three distinguished voices on the role of women in the current economy: Celinda Lake, President of Lake Research Partners; Racquel Russell, Special Assistant to the President for Mobility and Opportunity and a member of the Domestic Policy Council; and Barbara Krumsiek, President and CEO of Calvert Investments, Inc. Representing the perspectives of voters, the private sector, and the White House, the panelists spoke candidly about the opportunities and challenges faced by women of all socioeconomic backgrounds in an election year and in post-recession America.

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