The Role of Stress and Vulnerability and Opportunities for Intervention

Wednesday, May 4 from 3pm – 4pm ET: Ascend webinar with Dr. Stephanie Jones of Harvard University on an exciting new curriculum for children and their parents building executive function skills.

The presentation provided an overview of executive function and self-regulation with particular emphasis on: 

  1. Their developmental and neuroscience underpinnings, and
  2. Research linking them to stress and vulnerability. 

The presentation also review strategies for skill development in children and adults.  The goals for the session included describing executive function and self-regulation skills in children and adults, presenting research on how stress influences these skills, and identifying strategies and opportunities for intervention.

Featuring speaker:  Stephanie M. Jones, PhD, Marie and Max Kargman Associate Professor in Human Development and Urban Education and Rebecca Bailey, Prevention Science and Practice Research Manager, Harvard Graduate School of Education 

Webinar materials: