What is the Network? The Ascend Network is a new network of leading organizations applying two-generation approaches to disrupt poverty and create economic mobility for families. Two-generation approaches focus on creating opportunities for and addressing the needs of both vulnerable children and parents together. Over the next two years, the Aspen Institute will invest $1.2 million in a portfolio of practice, policy, and community solutions to increase families’ educational success and economic security. 

Who was selected? An initial 58 organizations were selected from more than 24 states representing the leading edge of a national movement around two-generation approaches. The Aspen Institute identified these top organizations through a highly selective national competition. Find out who they are and more about the work they do on April 29th.

Why does this matter? In the United States today, nearly 45 percent of all children live in low-income families. Almost 25 percent of today’s college students are parents. Yet our education and human services systems have not kept up with the needs of 21st century families. Together, Ascend Network members are redesigning programs and policies to create a legacy of opportunity that passes from one generation to the next.


Click to watch the Ascend Network video by Northwater Partners