WEBINAR: Framing 2Gen Approaches to Supporting Families

Have you ever felt that two-generation (2Gen) approaches to building family well-being should be a no-brainer, but that key audiences don’t quite “get it?” You’re not alone.  

In this webinar, FrameWorks Institute Senior Advisor, Julie Sweetland shared recommendations for making a major frame shift – from a narrow focus on service delivery to a broader narrative about human development – and specific ways to execute that shift.

The presentation complemented a new playbook and a messaging guide released by Ascend and the FrameWorks Institute to support advocates, systems leaders, and families in talking about 2Gen. Lots of gems were shared with the more than 500 participants, including: Instead of broadly stating that a non-profit is “helping the whole family” or presuming an agency’s work is “breaking the cycle of poverty,” shift the narrative from charity-centric verbiage in exchange for words and phrases that emphasize partnership and personal development.

Ascend Managing Director Marjorie Sims and Assistant Director for Leadership and Design Lori Severens moderated the discussion. As some participants asked how organizations dedicated to supporting families with low incomes could appeal to donors without using words such as “poverty” and “less fortunate,” others wondered how to shift the focus their organization’s mission from the services they can provide families to the work they can do with families.

The webinar also became a catalyst for discussing 2Gen more broadly; additional questions from the webinar about framing and about the 2Gen approach and their answers will be provided below next week.