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State Human Services Model

Colorado as a Case Study for Policymakers

After more than five years refining and strengthening the 2Gen approach by convening leaders, creating tools and resources, and elevating the awareness of policymakers and practitioners, we at Ascend seek to find leverage points — systems of care and family support where leaders have the reach, resources, and readiness to embrace and drive a 2Gen approach. We have found just such a leverage point in the nation’s human services systems.

This case study offers readers an in-depth look at how the work has been accomplished in Colorado, a state that has seen early successes with innovative, strong 2Gen efforts. Along with offering an array of practical tools and resources that can be customized for use in other settings, the case study will take you deep into the experiences, insights, and lessons learned. To begin, we point to the following ingredients for a successful macro-level 2Gen approach that are evidenced in Colorado’s work:

We are grateful to our partners in Colorado and hope that their pioneering work will provide guidance and inspiration to you in exploring the use of this transformational approach to changing the odds for children and parents in the United States.

Download the case study.

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Download the 2Gen Op-Ed in the Colorado Statesman by Anne Mosle, Ascend Executive Director, and Reggie Bicha.

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