The 2Gen Level Up Competition & Prizes (Due: 2/26/21)

Ascend is pleased to announce the launch of the 2Gen Level Up Competition & Prize (due 2/26)! In October, as part of 2Gen Level Up Week, we announced the 2Gen Level Up Competition & Prize that challenges organizations to use the resources released during 2Gen Level Up Week to advance their organization’s two-generation work.

About the 2Gen Level Up Prize: $5K prize will go to six organizations that can best demonstrate how they implemented one or more of the 2Gen Level Up resources and plan to continue that effort for the long haul. Sustainability is key! And, of course, we are excited to see the impact on and honoring of real families. A total $30K in financial resources will be awarded to the field!

Information about the competition’s timing and the application process:

  • During the weeks January 25-February 26 Ascend will be re-releasing all the resources introduced during the 2Gen Level Up week, which you can find listed below.
  • During these dates (January 25-February 26) Ascend will open the application form for the 2Gen Level Up Prize. We also encourage you to share how you are using these resources on Twitter using hashtags #2GenLevelUp or #2Gen.
  • Applicants will have until February 26, 2021 at 5 pm ET to submit their 2Gen Level Up Prize Application.
  • We will announce and celebrate our winners in mid-March.

Resources released during the 2Gen Level Up Week below:

2Gen Level Up Prize Application: Linked here.